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Originally founded as Advanced Technology International in 1992 as IT and AV training and consulting company, we went through many changes. In 1994 we added audiovisual sales, services and consulting. In 1996 when internet revolution was talking place we, launched our first internet portal for rentals and leasing in North America. It became a great a success and now we have millions of visitors. We also designed and launched ROOGLE.COM, a worldwide real estate marketplace and BuySell.Biz, a marketplace for buying and selling businesses.

Since, our founder who also who is an engineer by profession and have a master’s degree in engineering had a clear view of launching truly global and effective portals for AV industry. Shah is well aware of the difficulties and cost involved in establishing a market for AV equipment, and reaching out to professionals and consumers in all five continents. Many good products and companies never take off because of their limited resources. We are fully determined to enable entrepreneurs, inventors and professionals reachout the world.

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June 26, 2012: President and CEO Shah (Shaw) Nawaz will give a presetation to a local investors group in Seattle, Washington.

Other events will posted as soon as scheduled.

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